Digital Observations

As the nature of my internship was mostly limited to paging, checking out, and some labeling I only used the MoMA’s library software ILS Millennium. Millennium is also used for cataloging, circulation, and record search. From Innovative’s website their description of their product: “The Millennium integrated library system (ILS) offers libraries a technology architecture that is broad, stable, and includes what libraries need to meet their most pressing technology challenges. Innovative designed Millennium not just for libraries, but also for librarians. Millennium’s modules reliably support simple, everyday library transactions while at the same time meeting the demands of the most sophisticated cataloger, circulation manager, or Web librarian.”

noticesThe paging process was fairly straightforward. ILS Millennium was used to print out the notices. On the left, once you press “notices” on the left menu you then went to sort how the notices would be printed — in MoMA’s case by location and call number. In the center shows the list of notices sorted. On the right, once sorted the notices are sent to be printed. A weird software issue was that if you cleared notices they were erased and there was no way to go back to that list. This meant that you waited to make sure all notices were printed before clearing. Once I had the printed notices it was off to the stacks to retrieve the items.

check outI used ILS Millennium to check items out as well. Every item has a barcode as well as a catalog number. When items are ready to be checked out, the patron is first located in “circulation” and then the item’s barcode is scanned and it’s automatically checked out to that patron. Once checked out the item is ready to be shipped to Manhattan.

This same system was used for printing labels with spanning barcodes, sending to printer, then once printed affixed to item.

Occasionally I would need to check something in the online catalog DATABASE. This was mostly to see if there was a discrepancy between the information in Millennium.

Though I was dealing with technology as part of my internship it was mostly in a basic way for use in the circulation process.